Balachander S (CDNF 157127)

S. Balachandar


About this album

A rare combination of extraordinary skill and mastery over the art of veena playing made Balachander S a unique virtuoso. His depth of analysis into the nuances of the techniques in veena playing earned him everlasting fame marking him as an artiste of outstanding merit.

In this album, Balachander S presents homage through Sankarabharanam.

1. Thyagaraja's kriti 'Buddhi Raadu' (Sankarabharanam - Chapu) elaborates on the value of wise words of the great saints. The composer says mere mastery over all branches of learning will not secure wisdom; association with single-minded devotees of Rama and their knowledge will alone bring about the securing of wisdom to the individual.

2. Patnam Subramania Iyer's composition 'Marivere Dikkevayarayya Rama' (Shanmukhapriya - Adi) says that who else could be there except Lord Rama who is the only refuge for the devotee.


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