BV. Balasai

Flute, Gottuvadyam

About this album

Balasai BV, an extremely talented flutist of the younger generation comes from the family of rich musical tradition, has created waves in the sphere of Carnatic music in recent years. His clean confident blowing, totally sruthi aligned and his sensitive finger technique absolutely flawless, are reflections of Balasai's impressive commitment to Carnatic music. As a composer he has composed music for dance ballets and devotional albums and has also done music assistance to many reputed music directors.

He is an 'A' Grade artiste of the AIR and Doordarshan and is featured regularly by prestigious music organization during their monthly and annual cultural programs. Balasai is not only classical by temperament and training, but is also remarkably modern in his outlook and susceptible to new ideas.

He plays the western classical key flute also, and has been associated with the film industry for the past decade. He has traveled widely throughout the World. A versatile artiste with a fine professional record on the platform, displaying the maturity, fluency and the power of a veteran, Balasai has inspired confidence in the hearts of music lovers who fear for the future of classical music.


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