Madhurasmriti - A Trail Of Nectar

Aruna Sairam

About this album

Warm, articulate and sincere, Aruna Sairam has that air of reticence that characterizes only those who are genuinely at ease with their talents. For Aruna, music still signifies more than the nimble gymnastics of a gifted larynx. It remains for her question of both spirit and the gut, yoked to an unrelenting process of self-enquiry in that perennial quest for the
immaculate artistic product.

Aruna's voice is beautiful blend of roughness, resonance and range. Add to the musical legacy rooted in the tradition of Vennai Dhanam, Brinda and Mukta you have Aruna Sairam. He sheer exuberance, with which she sings, makes it a doubly pleasurable experience for the rasikas. The deep emotional impact of Aruna's music intensely moves her listeners and has obviously made her the favorite of the pundits and the public alike. She remains one of the very few artistes whose creativity is remarkably devoid of angst and angularity.

Adi Sankara's sloka, opening with the profound words 'Sabda Brahma Mayee' is beautifully enunciated in Aruna's crystal clear diction. The rare kriti 'Sada Saranga' forms a fitting sequel to the sloka.

In Janani Ninnuvina, one can sense the depth of Subbaraya Sastri's feeling through Aruna's intensely emotive interpretation of the kriti.

Abhang is the product of the intense Bhakti movement of Maharashtra. The special rhythmic cadence of this musical form blended with exquisite melody, yokes one's consciousness into a state of bliss.

Aruna draws from her rich Tamil repertoire, two nuggets 'Kai Vidamattan' and 'Karanam Kettu' for this album.

Viruttam singing demands of the artist not only a high level of musicianship but also an intuitive understanding of the lyrical beauty of the verse.

Kalinga Nartana Tillana, the piece over which Aruna's audiences go into raptures and which harnesses her mastery over lays and superb enunciation is presented to you in this album with pleasure.


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