Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan

Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan

About this album

Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan born in Madurai, of AR Narayanan and Alamelu, had been in the music field for over five decades. She had the benefit of varied training under maestros like Ganesha Bhagavathar, Sattur AG Subramaniam, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer,
Nedanuri Krishnamurthy And VV Sadagopan .

She had the training in Hindustani Music under Vaman Rao Stolikar. She has specialized in Tamil compositions of eminent composers. She had been giving concerts in All India Radio and has also served in audition committee of AIR, Delhi. She has also set to tune the compositions of Ambujam Krishna and Meenakshi Ammai Pillai Tamizh of Sri Kumaraguruparar. A traditionalist, her rendition is crisp and rich in 'Gamakas'.

1. The first piece is a Varnam 'Anname' (Varnam) (Aarabhi - Adi) dedicated to the Lord of 'Ponnambalam', Lord Nataraja.

2. The next song 'Kadaikkannaal'(Panthuvarali - Rupakam) is composed by Vedanayakam Pillai. He has composed many songs in Tamil, which can be sung by people of any religion, as there is no mention of any particular God.

3. The next piece 'Kondram Kudi Konda' (Thodi - Adi) composed by Papanasam Sivan, who extols to Lord Muruga who has made the hills His abode, to protect him.

4. The next piece is a Ragam - Tanam - Pallavi in Ragamalika. The specialty of the 'Pallavi' is, the names of the Ragas themselves, which make the sahitya for the Pallavi.

5. The next song is 'Paruvam Paarkka' (Dhanyasi - Rupakam) is dedicated to Goddess Vaiyaiyur Mangalambika. The composer Anai - Ayya asks the Goddess, Devi to protect him soon as he has taken refuge at her feet.

6. 'Thullu Madha' (Poorvikalyani - Adi) is a Thiruppugazh composed by Arunagirinathar. It is sung in praise of Lord Muruga who is the Lord of Valli.

7. Arunachala Kavi has composed 'Rama Nataka Krithis'. This piece 'Sri Ramachandranukku' (Madhyamavathi - Adi) is a 'Mangalam', a song sung at the conclusion of auspicious occasions. This one is sung for Lord Rama, the great son of 'Raghu', 'Surya' dynasty.

8. The next piece 'Maanida Vaazhkai' (Ragamlika - Adi) is composed by Suddhananda Bharathiar.He has philosophically written about human life on earth. Music is scored by CR Subbaraman.

9. 'Sankara Srigiri' (Hamsanandi - Adi) is composed by the mulit-lingual composer, Swati Thirunal on Lord Shiva whose abode is 'Kailash' mountain. He praises the Lord who is in dancing pose and says that Shivam dwells in his heart always.

10. The next krithi is 'Sadhaa Unadhu' (Manohari - Adi) is composed by Prof VV Sadagopan. Like the name of Raga 'Manohari', the song too captures the hearts of all.

11. In the song 'Upachaaramu' (Bhairavi - Adi) the saint composer Thyagaraja is requesting Sri Rama, Lord of janaki to accept his obeisance and services.

12.The song 'Sarasa Suvadhana' (Kalyani - Adi) a composition of Swati Thirunal, replete with musical and literary excellence. It is composed in Sanskrit language in praise of Lord Vishnu who is the protector of the entire universe.

13. The next song piece 'Puthampudu vasantham' (Kapi - Rupakm) composed by Suddhananda Bharathiar, describes the spring season. How bright and cheerful the nature is during the season and how it makes the people enjoy singing and dancing.

14. The next song 'Gaana Mazhai' (Ragamalika - adi) is Composed by Ambujam Krishna who praises Lord Krishna who plays music on his flute, on the banks of the river Yamuna, which fills the air around and makes every one happy.


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