Pratidhwani Vol 1

Ustad Amir Khan

About this album

Born in 1912, Amir Khan had his initial training in music from his father, Shahmir Khan a Sarangi player employed in the court of Maharaja of Indore. Amir Khan believed that he owed the spirit and colour of his style to Behre Waheed Khan of Kirana Gharana. The rudiments of the extra slow tempo of Vilambit Khayal conceived by him were definitely on the pattern of Waheed Khan's Vilambit Khayal, which was remarkable for its deep serenity. By adopting the sparkling taans of Rajab Ali Khan of Devas and threading together the articulate swaras into the sargams typical of Aman Ali Khan's (of Bhendi Bazar Gharana) exuberant style, his rendering acquired a grace, which defines expression.

Culling subtleties from many sources, he combined them, and with his original vision, created a unique style. Not having trained formally under an Ustad of any Gharana, Amir Khan did not identify himself with any of them. He designated his style, as the Indore Gharana, after the city in which he had acquired his musical consciousness. Endowed with inner vision and
imagination he could take his music soaring to unscaled heights.

Amir Khan believed in a complete elaboration of a raga. In doing so, however, he never indulged in any gimmickry or acrobatics showmanship. His elaborative patterns were the result of deep feeling for the graces typical to a raga and clear thinking about the purpose there off. His music thus, was rooted in a reflective grasp of the melodic mode. This cerebral dimension of his perception of music makes it unique and inimitable.


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