A Tribute To Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan

Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan

Tabla Player
Sadashiv Pawar

About this album

A musician born in 1929 at Jawra (Madhya Pradesh, India) and brought up in the traditional Indore style of sitar playing. Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan (Ustad) is recognised as the finest up-holder of the Indore Beenkar Gharana to which also belong Bande Ali Khan (Ustad), Murad Khan (Ustad) and Babu Khan (Ustad).
A very unusual creator, who has not only mastered the techniques previously known, but also a few of his own to the rich heritage of this string instrument, he has evolved the Jaffer Khani Baaj which has given new meaning and dimension to sitar playing.

His innovations are also in the field of ragas first created by him like, Madhyami, Chakradhun, Kalpana, Sharawati and Khurshrawani. Ragas like Hizaz, Champakali, Rajeshwari, Araj, Shyam Kedar and Fargana, which were in danger of being
forgotten, have been kept alive by his performances. The enormous popularity of the Sawal - Jawab technique invented by him is a testament of his contribution in reaching his art to the masses.


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